In business for 20 years now, located in Manotick, Ontario serving the greater Ottawa, Wammy Holding Corporation offers a service of renovation including soffit, fascia and eavestrough installation as well as innovative eavestrough protection installation.

We install 5” and 6” aluminum eavestroughs with 3 x 3 inch downpipes as well as the Fixa Tech® Continuous Fastening System for new eavestroughs and the Gutter Clean System® Leaf Guard for existing eavestroughs.

We offer a large choice of colors to suit your home style and exterior décor.

All these components are very important for the appearance and the comfort of your home. This is why we offer an extensive range of exterior products.

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  Our specialists can install your 5 and 6 inch eavestroughs with hangers. As for any eavestrough installed with hangers, a periodic maintenance is required.  Learn more!
Gutter Clean
  Our specialists install the Gutter Clean System® leaf guard on your existing eavestroughs.
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Siding, soffit and fascia
  Discover the aesthetic qualities or our soffits and fascia, their durability and outstanding versatility. Our products benefit of the best warranty on the market.
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  Our specialists install your eavestroughs with Fixa-Tech®, a continuous fastening system including a free leaf guard. Through its unique patented design, Fixa-Tech® creates a unified structure that resists bending and twisting. Learn more!