Here are some good reasons to choose Fixa-Tech« when you install your new eavestroughs.
Your eavestrough is out of shape? Do you know the risk of the eavestrough bending under the weight of a ladder or the pressure of tree branches?

The look of your home will be deteriorated in a short while!
Weak Eavestrough   It's one on those jobs you groaning before you even take the ladder out of the garage.

Leaves, sticks, bugs and twigs all to their part to clog your gutters leaving your house vulnerable to damage.
Twisted Gutter
Your eavestrough is clogged, water overflows and seeps between the eavestrough and the fascia board.

The board will eventually start to rot and may even spread rot to the soffit.
Rotten Fascia   Your eavestrough does not work anymore? The overflow caused by build-up of leaves and residue clog your eavestrough.

Moreover the risk of West Nile virus propagation is high.
Clogged Eavestrough
Your eavestrough is weak? It cannot support the weight of debris, water or snow.

Your eavestrough is no longer functional? It is dangerous for your home.
Weak Gutter   Your eavestrough is totally clogged? Protect your biggest investment, your home.

Install the Alu-Rex products to avoid problems of clogged eavestrough.
Accumulation in the eavestrough
Wammy Holding Corporation gets the solutions to these unfortunate problems.